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The perfect combination of the therapeutic power of plants with cutting-edge skin care technology

About danphelyn

The birth of Danphelyn is the encounter of the soul and dreams

Danphelyn is deeply rooted in Germany’s study of its natural flora, and was founded by homoeopathic doctor Daniela and cosmetic engineer Philipp. Driven by their common interest in enhancing the natural beauty of the skin, they combined their expertise in cutting-edge cosmetic technology and traditional homoeopathic therapy and discovered that this combination yielded significant effects on the beauty of skin. Excited by this pioneering discovery, they jointly developed two excellent products responding the needs of their friends and themselves in the field of skin care:  Firming Eye Serum and Hyaluron Plus Serum. Natural raw materials of the highest quality and demonstrated outstanding effects in enhancing the skin’s natural beauty have allowed Danphelyn to spread by word-of-mouth among friends. Within just a few months, demand exceeded supply, and the fame of Danphelyn was born.

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Pure Beauty Global Awards 2022

Most Innovative Skincare Brand 2022 Germany

Lux Life Magazine

Skincare brand of the year GERMANY

Global Awards 2022/23

Danphelyn Care for your skin



Fashion Model
“As a model, my eyes always need to look sharp. This is tough when photoshoots last for whole days or take place during the night. Every time I use Danphelyn’s Firming Eye Serum, I feel a very cool and comfortable sensation around my eyes. It is easy to absorb and moisturizes my eye area. The puffiness around my eyes has been effectively eliminated, and the fine lines and crow's feet have also been reduced a lot. Now I’m not dreading 5 am photoshoots anymore! I will certainly continue to use it every day. I highly recommend it to everyone!”
“My favourite is Danphelyn’s Hyaluron Plus Serum. I stare at computer and mobile phone screens for a long time every day, so it is too much needed for me to resist photo-aging. I use it every night. When I wake up, my skin is refreshed and my face feels brighter. Can you believe it? What a surprise! I love Danphelyn!”


Costume designer


“Danphelyn's products are very effective. I used both Firming Eye Serum and Hyaluron Plus Serum. I‘m very happy to witness the changes of my skin. I have never felt that my skin can be so smooth and moisturized, and wrinkles are quietly disappearing. My skin is radiant. Great product, I’m so grateful that I can have it!”
“I spend all my days meeting people – clients, employees, in strategic meetings or in video conferences. Thankfully, I have Danphelyn’s Hyaluron Plus Serum! It’s like a spa treatment for my skin after a stressful day! A colleague recently asked my how many products I use to have such a youthful skin. It’s only one: Danphelyn Hyaluron Plus Serum! Danphelyn is my secret weapon to master the high-octane job I love while nurturing my skin.”


Business woman