Brand Story

The birth of Danphelyn is the encounter of the soul and dreams.

Danphelyn is deeply rooted in Germany’s love for its forests and meadows, and the study of its natural flora. Already as a little girl, Danphelyn’s founder Daniela was a lover of beauty and enjoyed spending her time in nature. Interested in plants from that early age, she dreamed of harnessing their power and benefits to help people find their inner beauty.

As she grew up, and following the advice of her parents, she became a homoeopathic doctor, taking her dream of helping people with the power of plants and making it her profession. Daniela helped many patients, amongst them people who have skin problems by providing them professional knowledge.

On one occasion, Daniela met Philipp, who is a cosmetic engineer. Because of their common passion for beauty, they immediately had a great chemistry and became best friends. Driven by their common interest in enhancing the natural beauty of the skin, they combined their expertise in cutting-edge cosmetic technology and traditional homoeopathic therapy and discovered that this combination yielded significant effects on the beauty of skin. Strongly believing in their discovery, they made the decision to design their own products and share their philosophy for skin beauty with the broader world. Thus the jointly developed two excellent products responding the needs of their friends and themselves in the field of skin care products.  Firming Eye Serum and Hyaluron Plus Serum were born. Unexpectedly, and simply through word-of-mouth marketing among friends, demand soon exceeded the supply of their products by far. The legend of Danphelyn was born.

Their great success in their friends’ circle attracted the attention of Philipp’s former partner, a pharmaceuticals and skincare-product research and development company with more than 20 years of history. The company has accumulated extensive experience in research and development with international skincare brands in the past two decades. To this day, it has become one of Germany’s most prestigious and powerful skincare R&D companies. Their cooperation with Daniela and Philipp provides the possibility of large-scale production and excellent positioning of the brand Danphelyn.

With 20 years of formula-designing and production experiences, combined with the passion for skincare research and development, they supported Danphelyn in improving the production process while maintaining its original and unique formula. Danphelyn is following strict European cosmetics regulations and is ensuring that all ingredients are safe for the skin. Danphelyn’s products are paraben-free, pigment-free, GMO-free, vegan, and much else. Thus, a reduction in the possibility of skin allergies is ensured. Danphelyn has been rated as “excellent” by the reputed third-party German skin test agency Original Dermatest, the highest rating on their scale. At the same time, Danphelyn strongly believes that excellent skincare derives from respecting the power of plants and using the stringent processes to harness those natural benefits, and not from good advertising or famous spokespersons. In order to ensure high-quality products, Danphelyn’s team has therefore decided to invest the higher portion of budget into procuring excellent raw materials, natural ingredients and formulas rather than in packaging and marketing. Keeping products effective and simple, and putting consumers’ needs of young and healthy skin above anything else is at the core of Danphelyn’s philosphy.